Thursday, January 13, 2011

I had big plans

I had big plans today to make Pioneer Woman's recipe for Cinnamon Rolls and write a fabulous post about how delicious they turned out all ooey, gooey and blah blah blah.

Well, it didn't happen. I did make the cinnamon rolls thanks to the help of this recipe. The original makes like a gazillion cinnamon rolls that, while much appreciated, I should not be left alone with. Bad things would happen. Bad things.

I'm not quite sure if I just messed up somewhere along the way, or I just didn't care for the finished product, but I thought they were ok.  I KNOW! Blasphemy.

I, like countless others out there, love the Pioneer Woman, so typing that hurts. I'm hoping that it's not true and will give them a second shot on another day. I think I may not have used enough sugar and cinnamon, because while the bread was great, I felt they were lacking flavor. That may have something to do with the small batch version and me not being clear on some of the measurements.

Anyhoo, I also have another recipe that I'd like to try in comparison. It's the Ultimate Cinnamon Bun recipe from Cook's Country. Like P-Dubs recipe, they look amazing. 

For now, I'll just eat what I made, so nothing goes to waste. Good thing I made a cream cheese glaze!

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